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Why Everyone Is Ditching Chain Link And Upgrading To Concrete Fencing

Everyone knows of Alcatraz’s notoriously inescapable prison. If you’ve visited, you can likely call to mind the character of the place. It’s an imposing, rocky island that’s half concrete, half barbed wire. It’s a solemn place that’s full of old pain, and strange human experiences. It’s an eerie sort  of destination with loads of history and a general feeling of discomfort, it’s a place of remembering your crimes and appreciating your existence. After all, it is a prison. Coincidentally, it didn’t earn its name of being an impregnable fortress by equipping its walls and many layers of protection with just chain link. While some might make the argument that Alcatraz was a much more expensive and time absorbing building project, that’s mostly because it was the most active in the 1920s and only a little while afterward. Back then, they didn’t have as many options to create imposing concrete structure for less. Fortunately, nowadays we have the means to create concrete fencing and prison walls with ease and with an eye on a modest budget. 

Why Precast Concrete is The Answer To Your Prison Fencing Problems

Obviously, prison walls and fencing has mostly been made to keep prisoners in, as there’s not usually anyone fighting to get in, but there are a number fighting to get out. The scales are switching a bit and some fence types are making it quite easy for connections on the outside to get contraband into the prison. 

The Trouble With Prison Fencing

In general, prisons are, at times, quite hard to keep secure from the outside. This is because of the huge area that the fencing and the guards have to patrol. If a portion of that prison fence is bordering public lands, it becomes even harder for exterior threats to the security of the prison to be assessed.  Because those are public lands, any member of the general public,can approach that portion of the fencing and unless your prison has the budget to provide constant wall surveillance, you likely won’t be able to catch all of the contraband, like prepaid cell phones, drugs, weapons and other contraband materials over the side. So what’s the answer to an issue like this? Building a more secure fence with plenty of buffer space. 

Easy Pour Concrete

The Romans may have lost the recipe for cement, but, luckily we’ve managed to figure it once more and get plenty of time to really start perfecting the construction and the recipe of the formidable substance. So concrete has gotten progressively easier to pour as time has gone on. Thus, precast concrete has progressively gotten more popular for several reasons. Mainly, the cost of the entire project takes less of everything: money, time, and labor. Our precast concrete is specifically designed to account for the specific wind loads, soil types, seismic conditions, site topography, and underground and overhead obstructions from your region and your area. 

The StoneTree System 

Our StoneTree System is artfully designed to be used for security installation needs, i.e. prison fencing options. It’s a manufactured column and panel wall and each section is cast in a single piece to be able to keep the concrete secure and solid when it gets installed. When set in place, they’re installed on top of concrete caissons that are embedded with shockingly rigid and structural steel supports that set in the caisson footing. With this strategy, we can greatly increase the speed with which we can set up the application and construct the precast concrete systems. We can build fences as high as 16 feet with this same structural plan. It’s an extremely effective method and perfect for most prison wall applications. 

If you’re hoping to create a buffer fence that’s equally as high, but perhaps more geared toward keeping the sounds and peace consistent on both sides of the wall, you might look for the SoundTec wall systems. The SoundTec is created like a traditional precast concrete wall is by using columns and panels that are then, stocked up on top of each other You can use either concrete or steel support columns and can be built up to any height you would like. These are incredibly capable at absorbing sounds and keeping noise levels of either side of the walls  on that side of the wall. 

Why Choose AFTEC Precast Concrete Fencing?

Whatever your needs, AFTEC can accommodate them because prefab concrete walls are nothing if not versatile. They’re solid and manufactured with high strength steel and then reinforced with high-quality concrete. They’re wind, fire and weather resistant. We can build them up as high as 32 feet if you need it and it completely protects the line of sight as well as other sensitive infrastructure. The rapid installations and low maintenance needed to create our walls