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The Benefits of Concrete Fences

Written by GJ Stott
Precast concrete fences are superior to wood, wrought iron, vinyl, brick, block and stucco in most every way. Nothing outlasts it in either mild or severe climates

When most people consider building a fence, the first thing that comes to mind is probably not a concrete fence. We generally associate wood, wrought iron, vinyl, brick, block and stucco with fencing. But in reality, when the properties of concrete are examined it becomes clear that it is a very practical choice, possibly the perfect material for most concrete fence applications. A concrete fence is…

  • Extremely durable and stable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to color and customize
  • Not affected by insects
  • Moderately priced building material
  • Available universally
  • Can be formed into many designs
  • Capable of being engineered for most any application

All of these characteristics could be considered a dream list when designing and building a concrete fence, whether it’s in your backyard, surrounding a business or a highway sound wall. Concrete fences have been steadily growing in popularity for many years, but recent developments in concrete forming techniques have helped it to overtake more traditional fence materials.

Concrete Fences are the Superior Fences

Precast concrete fences are superior to wood, wrought iron, vinyl, brick, block and stucco in most every way. Nothing outlasts it in either mild or severe climates. While other materials rapidly deteriorate in extremes of weather, environment and temperature, a precast concrete fence endures with little maintenance.

The Superior Concrete Product is StoneTree®

StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fences are leading the way as the most efficient product in the concrete fence industry today. A StoneTree® Concrete Fence stands apart from all competitors by offering the most innovative technology, coupled with the greatest value and quality available. The concrete fence incorporates AFTEC’s Proprietary Rigid Footing Support System utilizing a steel I-beam embedded into a pier type concrete footing, spaced fifteen feet from center to center. This produces superior wall strength and the panels are secure and safe the instant they are installed. This, combined with the patented Combo-Cast™ Panel Design where the column and fence panel are cast into a single monolithic unit, results in a uniquely designed concrete fence offering multiple benefits over traditional concrete fences…

  • Production, handling and installation requires less thanhalf the labor
  • Does not require shoring and bracing during installation
  • Safest concrete fence in the industry
  • Concrete panels cannot separate and fall if settling occurs
  • Reinforcing cages are not required in the concrete footings

AFTEC sand stucco wall with stacked stone columns for concrete fences

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Systems incorporate advanced technology in the production of concrete form liners to produce the same texture and design on both vertical faces of the fence panel and column. This method allows intricate textures and details from the original to come through on the concrete surfaces with exceptional realism, whether it’s river rock, dry stack stone, block slate, ashlar stone, stucco, sand finish, or split face block. The finished panels can be coated with a basecoat stain sealer, or more elaborate custom treatments.

All of these exceptional features of innovation, creativity and quality ensure that Stonetree® Precast Concrete Fences are the best value in most all applications…


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