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Precast concrete fences are fast becoming the perfect application for most fence walls.

Traditional fencing materials such as wood, vinyl, wrought iron, brick or concrete block are prone to deterioration due to ground movement, weather, environment, temperature, and insects. However, precast concrete fences endure with very little maintenance.

The Benefits of Concrete Fences

  • Extremely durable and stable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to color and customize
  • Not affected by insects
  • Moderately priced building material
  • Available universally
  • Can be formed into many designs
  • Capable of being engineered for most any application

Concrete fences have been steadily growing in popularity for many years, but recent developments in concrete forming techniques have helped it to overtake more traditional fence materials.

Concrete Fencing—The Superior Solution

Precast industrial and commercial concrete fencing is installed by either setting the support columns (or posts) into or on top of caisson footings and then installing the concrete panels into column voids by stacking them one upon another.

Several methods of attaching the columns to the caisson footings include:

  • Precast concrete or steel columns are embedded into the caisson footings extending up to the height of the wall and then the panels are stacked into the column grooves to the wall height.
  • Grouted cell connection whereby a column with a center void is placed over a caisson footing with protruding rebar, and once the columns are set in place and shored/braced, concrete/grouting is then poured into the void to secure the column to the foundation. On shorter walls, the panels are usually set prior to grouting the voids in the columns. On taller walls the columns are usually grouted and allowed to cure before setting the panels.
  • Mechanical connection whereby the column has mechanical fasteners fabricated into the column which attach to embedded fasteners cast into the caisson footings.
  • StoneTree® Patented Design, whereby a structural rigid support is embedded into the caisson footing extending up to support the Combo-Cast™ column/panel fence wall section.

StoneTree® Precast Fence Installation vs. Other Precast Fence Installation

StoneTree® Fencing, AFTEC’s Patented Fencing System, has many advantages for fence walls 16 ft. high and under. It consists of a precast concrete wall system which incorporates the column and panel cast as an integral unit having formed texture on both sides of the wall. The formed texture consists of a wide variety of styles including stone, rock, brick, stucco, slate, and custom architectural precast concrete designs. Additionally, it reduces manufacturing, handling, and installation labor resulting in less turnaround time and provides for a very safe construction process.

The illustration below is a graphic representation comparing the installation of a traditional precast retaining wall on the top and AFTEC’s new proprietary system with the Combo-Cast™ column and panel unit on the bottom. The AFTEC system has less than one-half the precast panel and column pieces making the install time substantially faster. Time is money and time saved means competitive advantage and more profit for our licensed manufacturers.

Precast Fence Installation Costs

There are many factors that affect the cost of installing an industrial or commercial concrete fence, such as: size of the wall, water drainage, soil conditions, architectural finish, etc.

Call AFTEC at 866-370-3676 to learn more about the installation costs of your next project.

Benefits of StoneTree® Concrete Fence Systems:

  • Production, handling, and installation requires less than half the labor of traditional precast concrete fence walls
  • Does not require shoring and bracing during installation
  • Safest concrete wall fence in the industry
  • Fast installation process
  • Concrete panels cannot separate and fall if settling occurs
  • Reinforcing cages are not required in the concrete footings
  • Each fence wall section self-aligns during construction

The results are obvious, more savings, more competitive advantages, and above all more success with your business operations, just one more reason to select AFTEC’s proprietary forming technology as your industrial concrete fence installation company. Contact us for licensing opportunities.

Decorative Fencing Options

StoneTree® Concrete Fence Systems incorporate advanced technology in the production of concrete form liners to produce the same texture and design on both vertical faces of the fence panel and column. This method allows highly defined textures and details from the original to be duplicated on the concrete surfaces with exceptional realism, whether it’s river rock, dry stack stone, block, slate, ashlar stone, stucco, sand finish, or split face block. The finished panels can be coated with a basecoat stain sealer, or more elaborate custom treatments.

These exceptional features of innovation, creativity and quality ensure that StoneTree® Precast Concrete Fences are the best value for most applications:

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