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Benefits of Precast Concrete Panel Fences

Written by GJ Stott

Types of Panels for Fencing

Typical fence panels range from precast concrete, bamboo slats, welded wire mesh, hardwood and concrete to rail and other materials used to create the internal fence part that exist between columns or posts.

Determining the proper type of panel for your fence is crucial to your purpose. Knowing why you want the fence can help you decide which fence panel material to use. If you want an opaque fence, Precast Concrete Panel Fencing is a good choice. If you want a light, simple perimeter fence, then a wire product can be used.

Using Concrete Panels

How the panel is secured is another aspect to consider in reference to your purpose for installing a fence. Precast Concrete Panels are generally stacked, hung or inserted. Stacked panels use sheets that gain strength as you increase the layers. Hung wall panels must be light enough to be supported by the column. Inserted panels often use a slot formed in the column as a groove where the panel fits inside.

In many structures, a precast concrete panel fence serves as a sturdy option that helps promote security, privacy, boundaries and durability. The precast industry is a sector of the concrete industry whereby product is cast in a different location that its final placement. Due to its strength, usability and aesthetic qualities, precast concrete refers to any size or shape of concrete that has been poured into a concrete form equipment before installation. Such precasting can be completed on-site or in a central casting facility.

Various strengths of precast concrete panel fencing can be created for your specific applications and requirements. This makes precast concrete ideal for projects where longevity, strength and reliability are important factors. Furthermore, precast concrete fence panels can also be formulated to resist weather and atmospheric conditions found in specific geographic locations.

While few people are aware of the extensive design that the can be formed using precast concrete, precast concrete panel fencing are also used where beauty is desired. AFTEC manufactures multiple fence panels that can serve multiple functions including ornamental iron, vinyl, wood, stucco, rail, cable, horse fence and other uses, while providing many architectural forms and textures including stone, brick, block and stucco.