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The Premier Precast Fence Forming System On the Market

Written by GJ Stott

AFTEC is the precast concrete fence mold / form manufacturer for StoneTree® Fence Wall Systems. StoneTree® Concrete Fence Forms are designed to meet the fast growing demand for decorative precast security fences, boundary walls, privacy fences and fence columns.

Several innovative state-of-the-art features have been incorporated into StoneTree® Concrete Fence Forming equipment, making it the premier precast concrete fence mold & forming system in the marketplace and the safest concrete fence in the industry. StoneTree® licensed manufacturers are required to manufacture and install these fence walls to meet or exceed all applicable federal, state and local engineering codes and requirements.

AFTEC’s proprietary concrete fence mold

AFTEC’s Proprietary Forming Equipment

AFTEC’s proprietary StoneTree® Concrete Fence Forming Equipment provides for the efficient casting of multiple concrete fence wall sections with identical texture and design on both sides of the casting, drastically reducing the labor and working area required. StoneTree® Concrete Forming Systems come in two-pack and six-pack units, to suit the manufacturing capacity of Licensees who either have a smaller facility, or who want to break into the concrete fencing marketplace on an entry level.

Each StoneTree® Concrete Fence Form is manufactured to produce a specified maximum wall height which may be up to 10 feet. The same form is capable of casting all heights of walls under the specified height in the same form.

AFTEC also has created a combination low wall/high column unit for decorative fencing applications.

AFTEC’s Combo-Cast™ Fence Forms

Concrete Fence Mold - fence removal after casting is complete
Utilizing AFTEC’s proprietary Combo-Cast™ Technology, where the column and panel fence wall sections are manufactured as an integrally cast unit. Our concrete fence molds cast panels with an architecturally designed pattern and texture on both sides, such as stone, brick, block or custom design , creating an attractive, aesthetically pleasing facade. Combo-Cast™ technology eliminates over 50% of the labor and hoisting equipment requirements in all phases of manufacturing, handling and installation.

AFTEC’s Proprietary StoneTree® Liners

Concrete Fence Mold - AFTEC fences have a design on both sidesOur Concrete Fence Form and Form Liner Technology provides an efficient, streamlined manufacturing process, eliminating significant labor and equipment, resulting in higher profit margins. AFTEC’s Concrete Fence Forms use interchangeable Concrete fence mold Liners allowing for both multiple wall heights and textures within the same form. Natural-looking stone, brick, block, or custom architecturally-designed textures are formed on both sides of the wall with the insertion of polyurethane rubber form liner molds into the cavities of the concrete fence form. The form liners are easily switched for concrete fence forming requirements. Release is sprayed onto the form liners before pouring the concrete, allowing the cured product to be easily stripped out of the concrete fence form for installation. AFTEC’s patented technology ensures that the formliner products are durable, versatile, efficient, aesthetically pleasing and affordable. AFTEC custom builds master concrete fence form molds and multi-use form liners for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal fencing applications.

AFTEC’s Rigid Footing Support System

FAFTEC Concrete Fence installation showing the rigid footing supportsOur efficient designed footing systems eliminate the requirements of footing cages, temporary bracing and column grouting, providing the most efficient, safe and stable installation method available in the precast concrete fence industry. This means projects are completed faster, thereby reducing business and lifestyle interruption to your clients and their neighbors – saving them money and increasing your bottom line – and giving them an attractive, aesthetically pleasing facade from every angle. AFTEC’s Rigid Footing Support System also ensures fences will not be susceptible to expansive soil conditions, existing landscapes will have reduced impact, and there will be no damage from water or ice.

Wall Sizes: AFTEC’s StoneTree Concrete Fence Mold Systems

Precast Concrete Fence Forms create fence wall sections in standard heights of three, six, eight, ten and twelve feet. Combination low wall/high column concrete fence forms are available to add decorative accents such as wrought iron. Each fence wall panel is fifteen feet from the center-of-column to center-of-column. Independent concrete column forms are also available. AFTEC’s StoneTree®

Precast Concrete Fence Mold Forms may be custom built to your specified height and length of either English, SAE or metric measurement units.