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How Precast Concrete Wall Noise Barriers Protect Neighborhoods

After the introduction of precast concrete wall products into residential, commercial, industrial, public work, and community industries, issues involving noise from highways and highly trafficked roads reduced significantly. One way that precast concrete walls protect neighborhoods is by reducing the sound from nearby roadways, highways, or even airports (in some cases). As a highly effective product in blocking and absorbing noise, precast concrete walls are a great way to save time and money for your wall projects.

AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Walls: Built to Last

A noise barrier is an outdoor wall or fence that absorbs and deflects a high percentage of noise pollution that can come from highways, energy stations, railways, and industrial sources. A major complaint from residents who live near any of these sources of noise is that the noise is too loud for them. A precast concrete wall is a great way to put a barrier between the residents and the noise, helping prevent stress and other adverse effects.

The sheer mass of a precast concrete wall is what stops and deflects most of the noise pollution that would otherwise affect people in the area. In most cases, nearly three-quarters of all noise barriers are made out of precast concrete or masonry blocks.

How Does a Noise Barrier Actually Work?

The way a precast concrete wall reduces noise pollution is a simple concept. For most, it can be understood as a barrier blocking, absorbing, and deflecting noise pollution that would otherwise affect the receiver (a person or home).

According to the Federal Highway Administration, a precast concrete noise barrier can achieve a 5 dB noise reduction if it is tall enough to break the line-of-sight between the noise production and the receiver. Once line-of-sight is broken, noise level reduction increases 1.5 dB for every meter above line-of-sight. This simply means the taller a noise barrier is above the receiver’s line-of-sight, the more noise pollution it will block, absorb, or reflect.

Why Choose AFTEC’s Precast Concrete Noise Barrier Walls

When it comes to effective precast concrete wall products to reduce noise pollution along a highway, roadway, railway, industrial complex, or otherwise, you can trust AFTEC. Not only does AFTEC deliver, strong, durable precast concrete wall products, but we also allow you to add decorative texture to one or both sides of your wall. For most other suppliers in the industry, they can only offer one side.

Noise barrier walls are the ideal solution for blocking noise pollution from reaching neighborhoods, schools, or other buildings. Industrial, commercial, and public works all produce a level of noise that can be considered pollution. A precast concrete wall is a great way to block, absorb, and deflect the noise away.

Whether you need a wall for a highway, roadway, industrial complex, neighborhood, or more, we are here to help you get the best precast concrete wall on the market. As a worldwide leader in precast concrete wall products and systems, AFTEC is the ultimate solution to all your wall needs. Contact us today to get your wall quote.

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