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8 Surprising Advantages of Precast Concrete Walls

Considering precast concrete walls for your concrete construction project? It may be time to make a call to AFTEC and experience the advantage of working with a worldwide leader in precast concrete wall products. As a supervisor, project manager or planner, choosing between precast concrete wall manufacturers can be tough. They all offer seemingly similar products, but you have a deadline to meet. At AFTEC, we completely understand the pressure.

In this article, we’re going to share the eight advantages of choosing precast concrete wall products from AFTEC. What you’ll learn is how the AFTEC experience is unlike any other company you’ve ever worked with, and why you should go with precast concrete products, no matter who you choose to work with.

8 Precast Concrete Wall Product Advantages:

For most, precast concrete may be a mystery in how it works. Precast concrete is poured into molds and then cured in a controlled climate. Once cured, the wall panels are rigorously tested to ensure quality and strength. Then, those panels are shipped out to the construction site, ready for installation. Here are eight other advantages:

#1. Save Time

A deadline is always on the horizon for concrete construction projects. Working past a deadline means losing money. The faster a project can be completed with high quality work, the more money that can be made. Precast concrete wall products allow you to save time in labor intensive activities and installation. Concrete panels arrive when you need them, and they can be installed with minimal labor involvement and maximum lift/crane operation. For most projects, all you have to do is dig holes, and the precast concrete wall company does the rest for you.

#2. Quick Turnarounds

When you need a quick turnaround, precast concrete wall products are paramount in achieving deadline goals. Get your order in as soon as possible, and the panels can be delivered to your site within 48 hours of you needing them. A great advantage to this is that you can keep your tight schedule (or even get ahead of schedule) during your wall installation process.

#3. Ready When You Are

Your precast concrete wall is ready when you are. You’re never waiting on the wall to get started on the concrete construction project. You can schedule when to have your concrete wall panels delivered so that you stay on or ahead of schedule.

#4. Weather Independent

Precast concrete wall products are engineered, designed, and formed in a controlled environment. No longer do you need to wait for the “perfect day” to pour your concrete. You can have your panels ready to go whenever you are.

#5. Excavation Expedition

On construction projects where there is lots of machinery and foot traffic, safety is a major concern. This means that the excavation of the area where the concrete wall will be erected can be a safety hazard. Precast concrete walls reduce the time that the area must be excavated. This decreases the chances of safety hazards for your crews.

#6. Custom Engineering and Design

When it comes to your precast concrete wall project, you will need unique specifications. Precast concrete wall panels can be engineered and designed to fit your needs exactly. While you can do this with on-site poured concrete, precast concrete products save you time, decrease installation time, and improve safety for your crew. It’s a major benefit for the entire project to choose precast over on-site pour.

#7. Last Minute Changes

Up until your concrete is poured into molds, you can adjust specifications of what you need. Engineers are available to satisfy any of your needs and make sure you get the wall that you want and need. A great way to avoid last minute changes is to work early and often with the precast concrete company to determine specifications.

#8. Correct When Delivered

It’s rare that a precast concrete wall product is incorrect upon delivery. The communication between client, company, and engineer is consistent, which means that when the truck arrives with your panels, you’re ready to go. What’s more, the various confirmation and quality assurance checks makes it nearly impossible to deliver incorrect concrete wall panels.

AFTEC: Your Worldwide Leader in Precast Concrete Wall Products and Systems

It’s a tough responsibility managing large scale concrete construction projects. That’s why AFTEC makes your life easier when you choose them for your precast concrete wall needs. Contact AFTEC today to get a quote for your concrete construction needs.

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