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Introduction to CMU Fences

CMU Fences

There are a number of options available when you need security and privacy on an industrial property. Chain link fencing is an old standard, but it provides neither while only offering a false sense of security. Concrete fencing provides much stronger advantages as to structure, security and durability. Not all concrete fencing is created equal, and there are a few differences that make AFTEC products stand out from the crowd.

Typical CMU Fences (concrete block)

Traditional concrete fencing is either built on site or in a factory as a modular system of pillars and wall segments to be assembled as needed. Either way, the system is structurally sound and provides an adequate barrier for an electric or water plant along with serving the needs of private businesses that are integral to economy while providing an integral service to the nation.

AFTEC precast system and differences between CMU

The most noticeable difference between AFTEC precast and typical CMU design systems is the cosmetics allowed by the precast design and build process. Also notable is that AFTEC precast systems include the pillars and walls in a single modular unit as compared to traditional systems that require the pillars and walls to be assembled on site.

What are the Advantages of the AFTEC precast system (more durable, better sound resistance, etc.)

The AFTEC system provides distinct advantages over traditional concrete fences. As a modular system, it is built to factory specifications without the “we’ll figure it out” attitude typical of on-site construction projects. Every working man understands that mistakes are par for the course, but they are easily remedied in the shop as opposed to having to adjust plans to suit the misaligned building that has already been set in place. There also tends to be less waste when projects are conducted in the shop, and the job goes faster since multiple projects can occur concurrently rather than waiting on one phase of building to complete before the next one begins.

Precast Fence Installation vs. Regular CMU Fences

The advantages of AFTEC fencing installation processes are multifold. It is faster, times two, by the very nature of how the job is conducted. The walls are being built while the foundation is being dug and poured rather than doing one and then the other. When it is time to install the walls, they’ve already been built and only require assembly. Using traditional block building techniques, the build and assembly process are conducted onsite and rely on unpredictable factors concerning labor, weather, and availability of materials.

Why are AFTEC’s fences right for you?

AFTEC’s fences are the solution to your security questions because they provide the barrier you need to protect your facilities while maintaining a “look” that is acceptable to the community. Structure and cosmetics come together in the design that incorporates your wants and needs into a fence you can be proud to both display and defend.