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Bullet Resistant Precast Concrete Fencing for Protecting Our Power Substations

Bullet Resistant Precast Concrete Fencing for Protecting Our Power Substations

Bullet Resistant Precast Concrete Fencing for Power Plant Protection

America’s power plants are like an essential organ of our nation. They keep our country connected and provide us with access to the fundamentals of comfort, like our lighting, air conditioning, and internet. Without the power plants, our nation would literally fall into darkness. Industries would fall, neighborhoods would fall subject to chaos and most of what we take for granted as basic elements of our life, would not be available. Banks, schools and hospitals are entirely dependent on electricity. All of the power for our modern life comes from our power plants. Protecting these power plants is of the utmost importance for our national security.

Using bullet resistant precast concrete walls to surround and protect our power plants reduces the risk of terrorist attack, and helps to protect the single element that does so much to hold our nation together.

Power substation - before and after concrete wall installation

Ideal Protection for Public Utility Substations

Typical security around power plant substations are chain link fences. While this fence may in some places have electric grounding, it is still a wire fence. Attacks on these substations is already happening. All that these attackers are currently doing to take out a power transformer is shoot through the wire fence. Most power substations are of such a nature that a single shooter can do significant damage to the transformers. For this reason, recent legislation has mandated that security is increased surrounding these plants. One of the best ways utility plants are cbeefing up their security is through bullet resistant precast concrete walls.

Guarding our nation’s power supply must be top priority right now. In just the past five years there have been several targeted attacks on transformers and substations across the country; including an incident in California where a shooter attacked a substation with a rifle, and another incident in Arizona where a bomb was actually passed into the gated area surrounding the transformer by simply cutting a hole in the wire fence. Our electrical grid is comprised of more than 200,000 miles of high voltage transmission line. This is too large a target to not be properly protected.

The best answer to protect our power grid is the use of our 8 foot to 16 foot bullet resistant, precast concrete walls.

What Makes Precast Concrete Fencing Bullet Resistant?

The best answer to protect our power grid is the use of our 8 foot to 16 foot bullet resistant, precast concrete walls.  Not every wall is bullet resistant. What most people call “bullet proof” is actually bullet resistant. Simply putting the transformers in a larger box or adding security personnel to every location isn’t enough, and in many ways isn’t practical. There are thousands of locations across the country, and our power plants are able to manage all of the locations without need of government backup and security. The use of concrete bullet resistant walls would create an ideal layer of security. This would make it just as manageable for the power company to maintain their regular work with the transformers while preventing outside interference or attack from damaging our power grid.

Bullet resistant walls are made from specially designed materials that have been tested and rated by a collection of independent agencies who put the material through complex tests, verifying that the material is able to withstand attack from a certain caliber firearm. These walls are able to take shots from firearms without letting the transformer on the other side experience any damage. To live up to this standard many of these walls are going to be more than a foot thick. This makes it possible for the cocnrete walls to withstand shots from handguns, sub-machine guns, or rifles. The concrete bullet resistant walls can meet UL 752 level 4 bullet resistant specifications, as well as all security requirements of the DHS and NERC.

What Does Precast Concrete Bullet-Resistant Fencing Look Like?

Currently, most transformers and power plants are guarded by see-through wire fencing. The concrete bullet resistant walls would actually be an aesthetic step up, and would serve a dual purpose of blocking out the field of view of the transformers, so attackers wouldn’t be able to see the transformers. The walls are made out of material that can be  finished to meet any sort of aesthetic. Texturing and painting can make the walls fit the look of each independent community.

Color options are absolutely limitless and the walls themselves can be finished in stone, block or brick patterns, depending on the overall look of the area. Finishing options include ashlar, brick, coral stone, stacked stone, slate block and split face block styles.

What Will the Installation of the Bullet-Resistant Precast Concrete Fence Be Like?

As a rule, security rollouts take time to implement. However, this is perhaps one of the easiest solutions that can be put into action. Installation of concrete fencing is simple, and it is something that is completed around the globe by licensed professionals daily. Skilled masons will be employed to lay down individual CMU concrete bricks, blocks or stones. The AFTEC precast concrete fencing system is an advanced form of fencing that eliminates half of the labor of traditional concrete fencing, meaning that each location can have a fence installed quickly by the hands of local professionals.  This method of fencing eliminates more than half of the traditional fence installation and labor costs. A small crew has the ability to install 400 lineal feet of fencing per day.

AFTEC Precast Fence Walls, Ideal Protection for Public Utility Substations

How Long Will the Bullet-Resistant Precast Concrete Wall Last?

Precast concrete walls are durable and reliable, with the potential for decades of longevity. The bullet-resistant functionality of the walls does not decrease over time. As long as the wall stands the power plant remains protected. In case of a terrorist attack, the targeted portion of the wall that might have withstood damage can be easily replaced without replacing the adjacent wall pieces.

AFTEC Precast Concrete Fences


AFTEC walls offer a solid precast concrete barrier in a variety of heights and looks. If you are interested in obtaining our products for protecting a local power substation or for more information about becoming a manufacturer of our precast concrete walls, call 1-866-370-3676 or visit AFTEC online.
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