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Concrete Brick Wall Panels Offer Many Benefits

Written by GJ Stott

Characteristics of Traditional Brick Wall

Brick wall panels | Aftec concrete Fence forming systems

Aside from its stylish appearance, a brick wall has many functional characteristics…

  • Security wall against intruders
  • Blocks noise from busy streets
  • Provides a property boundary wall
  • Increases security
  • Stylish privacy wall
  • Contributes to landscaping themes
  • Allows creativity in design
  • Creates a wall enclosure for family and pets

A brick wall endures for generations with style and class that most other materials can’t match. Brick walls continue to be very popular, adding value and prestige to homes, offices and other buildings.

As with any building material, there are considerations and choices available. Since brick is made from porous clay material it is susceptible to absorbing water, which can cause damage from freezing temperatures, erosion, and weathering. To overcome these weaknesses, brick walls have been produced using concrete bricks, a very popular choice. Concrete brick walls eliminate some of the shortcomings of clay brick walls, but the majority of weaknesses are still inherent with the concrete brick wall. Learn more about the history of masonry brick walls.

AFTEC’s Brick Wall Panels – Decorative Precast Concrete Walls

A StoneTree® Precast Concrete Wall is the distinctive choice for your next brick wall project. Proprietary features in our forming system produce beautiful authentic textures and patterns on both sides of the precast concrete brick wall panels. Brick wall panels may be finished with stains and custom treatments. The enduring beauty and value of a StoneTree® Precast Concrete Wall will outperform every other type of wall in the marketplace.

brick wall panels | Aftec

  • Consists of solid concrete panels, eliminating the need for continuous concrete footings
  • Steel reinforcing is evenly distributed throughout the wall
  • Maximum durability
  • Available in a variety of finishes and textures
  • Very low maintenance
  • Less than half the time and labor is required for installation
  • Does not require skilled brick masons
  • Pier footing required at columns only, causing minimal invasion to existing landscaping
  • Not affected by Settling and expansive soil conditions

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