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6 Questions Every Precast Manufacturer Should Be Able To Answer

If you already are an AFTEC manufacturer, or you are interested in becoming one, this blog post is all about the six questions that every precast concrete wall and fence manufacturer ought to know the answers to. As a manufacturer, you’re working with project managers and contractors to help them get the concrete wall or…

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How Precast Wall Forming Systems Benefit Concrete Construction

Would you like to offer your customer a proposal to build a wall or fence around their residential, commercial, or industrial project? Are you searching for a sound wall, security barrier, or fence that is either visually stunning, secure, and durable? You can choose to go with traditional materials like wood, brick, vinyl, or wrought…

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Advantages of Precast Concrete Walls

Precast concrete walls are one of the most practical and versatile building materials modern society has to work within concrete construction. In fact, here are just a few architectural applications of precast concrete walls: Façade panels Freestanding landscaping elements Security walls Soundproofing Structural elements of stormwater drainage systems and railway tunnels Unlike standard concrete, which…

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