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Benefits of Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Benefits of Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Throughout history, walls have served myriad purposes. Some keep things in, others keep things out. Some are symbolic, and some are aesthetic; they draw a viewer's eye to and from specific locations. Others protect and defend.
Retaining walls (and similar items, such as rock revetments, slope stabilizers and noise abating walls) have become iconic parts of general landscaping and urban planning. City public gardens use them separate greenery from the perilous concrete jungle, large properties utilize them to guide guests and deter those unwelcomed, and highways and railroads use them to keep passerby safe. Just because they go unnoticed (as they're designed to blend in), does not mean they're not needed.
Thanks to modern innovation, retaining walls come in a variety of shapes, materials, textures, and styles. Precast concrete retaining walls are among the most popular, and it's easy to see why with their many benefits.

Aesthetic Appeal

When people think of concrete, it's not unusual for them to think of "bland" or "blasé." They think of a dull, monotonous gray on ordinary concrete that serves no visual enticement. Fortunately, we offer a wide variety of precast concrete retaining walls designed to suit any and every artistic taste.
Our walls are available in many:
  • Colors
  • Designs
  • Textures
  • Styles to accommodate ornamentation
Does your garden have a whimsical appeal? Or a design harkening back to an earlier era? We can match that.
The retaining walls are easily stained to match other nearby landscaping items, including tiles, sculptures, and metalworking. Many clients wish to feature both retaining walls and fences in their carefully crafted lawn layouts. Fortunately, we have the expertise and stock to match your walls with virtually any fence; nothing here will stick out like a sore thumb.

Erosion Control

Too many property owners fail to realize that erosion hinders more than just beaches and canyons; it damages lawns and gardens too. Precast concrete retaining walls are one measure people use to help stop it.
The most common types of landscape erosion come from two sources: water and people walking on the grass. Both are easily prevented.
A precast concrete retaining wall can elevate your landscape into flat layers; both the flatness and the walls themselves keep rainfall from moving (or moving as severely) which, in turn, diminishes erosion damage. Likewise, retaining walls are great, yet subtle, way of telling people to avoid walking in certain areas. Keeping people out of sensitive areas protects both the soil and the plant life rooted in it.

Flood Prevention

Those who live closely to bodies of water understand the persistent threat of flooding that comes with a lakeside view. Every rainstorm or snowfall brings with it the risk that a regular park will become a water park. Retaining walls serve many purposes; one of them involves acting as a dam.
By placing retaining walls (concrete ones are among the most sturdy) alongside property borders near water, you're buying your landscape many more inches of safety before it gets flooded. Suffer from severe flooding? Organize and orchestrate creative layers of retaining walls that will divert and lessen water flows as they approach your property. When handled craftily, they can facilitate an ornate design.

Protecting Plant Life

Not only do retaining walls protect vegetation by warding off unwanted guests and preventing floods, but they also reduce plant life casualties incurred during lawn maintenance.
Too often, property owners or contracted landscapes accidentally clip or kill plant life will mowing the lawn or trimming other shades of flora. Retaining walls make boundaries clear and reduce how often these accidents occur.
AFTEC Concrete Fence Forming Systems also employs a Rigid Footing Support System that reduces how often concrete footings are needed in the landscape. Concrete footings, though helpful and necessary, can disrupt plant-based ecosystems when there are too many of them. AFTEC's system reduces the sheer volume of concrete footings which, in turn, allows plant life to further thrive.

Precast Retaining Walls are Easy and Cost-Effective

Precast Retaining Walls are Easy and Cost-Effective With the invention of the precast retaining wall came the advent of ease, customization, and accessibility. Landscapes no longer had to conform to the needs of their walls, instead the walls served the needs of the landscape.
The walls utilized by AFTEC Concrete Fence Forming Systems are cantilevered concrete walls that are among the most durable in the entire marketplace; some even meet the standards of hurricane resistance.
The unique design of a cantilevered wall also maximizes durability while reducing the amount of material needed to make the wall. This creates a better product at a cheaper cost to the consumer.

Starting Your Future with Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

For many property owners, our concrete retaining walls are the perfect fit for all of their landscaping needs. These walls are precast; they are quite literally a perfect fit for one another.
Reach out today to an AFTEC Concrete Fence Forming Systems specialist. After an initial consultation, an AFTEC concrete retaining wall manufacturer will visit the site of your property and perform an evaluation. He will examine property lines, fence placement, and potential sites for gates and other openings. Based on the information given to him, he'll also take into account any security, lightning, or design concerns brought up earlier.
After the evaluation, he'll be able to offer a price quote. From this point forward, AFTEC Concrete Fence Forming Systems takes the stress off of your shoulders and crafts the landscape you've been looking for. Contact us today.  
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