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8 Surprising Advantages of Precast Concrete Walls

Considering precast concrete walls for your concrete construction project? It may be time to make a call to AFTEC and experience the advantage of working with a worldwide leader in precast concrete wall products. As a supervisor, project manager or planner, choosing between precast concrete wall manufacturers can be tough. They all offer seemingly similar…

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Precast Concrete Walls vs. On-Site Poured Concrete Walls

When it comes time to choose whether you ought to utilize a precast concrete wall product or an on-site cast wall pour, you want to know all the advantages and disadvantages of both. You want to make the best decision possible for your project, but how are you supposed to do that with so many…

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AFTEC - 10 surprising concrete facts you've never encountered before

10 Surprising Concrete Facts You’ve Never Encountered Before

As a precast concrete wall manufacturer, AFTEC is all about concrete. We engineer it, design it, sell it, and manufacture the systems for it. When it comes to concrete construction, we get excited to help project managers, supervisors, and owners complete their projects. What’s more, we enjoy seeing how a “simple” concrete wall can do…

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AFTEC - What you need to know about precast concrete wall noise barriers

What You Need to Know About Precast Concrete Wall Noise Barriers

As a project manager or supervisor, you’re in search of a wall system that blocks, absorbs, and deflects noise pollution from highways, roadways, and more. Where do you go to find a product like this to achieve your noise pollution reduction goal? You can go with wet pour concrete, but that will cost you too…

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Why Precast Concrete Walls Are Superior to Wood Fences

It can be tough to choose between all the materials offered for perimeter walls. There are pros and cons to each type of material. One big benefit to choosing precast concrete is its durability and strength. For millennia throughout antiquity, concrete was used to build walls that would last hundreds of years. What’s more, AFTEC…

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How Precast Concrete Wall Noise Barriers Protect Neighborhoods

After the introduction of precast concrete wall products into residential, commercial, industrial, public work, and community industries, issues involving noise from highways and highly trafficked roads reduced significantly. One way that precast concrete walls protect neighborhoods is by reducing the sound from nearby roadways, highways, or even airports (in some cases). As a highly effective…

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