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Security Walls for Utilities

Power and Transmission Utility Site Upgrades Security with Precast Concrete Fencing

Two years ago, the Metcalf substation in the Bay Area of Northern California was subject to a sniper attack that caused over 15 million dollars of damage to the infrastructure. The FBI, Homeland Security and Pacific Gas and Electric investigated the security breach of the substation and it was determined to use the StoneTree® system as their preferred choice for the security wall. This year, work was completed on a 16ft high StoneTree security wall amidst other security enhancements to provide added protection to the site.

Click on the image below to watch a report on the Metcalf substation that was broadcast on NBC News

“Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) is in the process of improving security at an electric substation in south San Jose nearly two years after snipers attacked the facility. The company has begun to install more security cameras, better lighting and Stonetree® concrete fencing around the facility’s perimeter to protect the critical infrastructure responsible for powering much of Silicon Valley.

The company said it has recently completed the installation of the Stonetree® concrete barriers around the Metcalf substation”. More …

Images of Completed 16ft. Concrete Fence Wall at Utility Station

completed-precast-concrete-security-wall-power-transmission-site 10-foot-substation-security-fence-wall precast-concrete-security-wall-with-razor-wire-protection
AFTEC’s StoneTree® Wall System is the only vertically cast concrete wall where the column and panel is manufactured as single wall sections and are installed using steel supports which insert into a groove in each column. This provides for a fast and safe installation process which supports and aligns each wall unit as they are being placed in the fence line. The walls are available in a variety of textured finishes which are formed on both sides.

StoneTree® Security Walls have been used on many power and transmission utility projects all around the U.S.A.

AFTEC provides turnkey service to specify, furnish and install the StoneTree® Security Wall System directly or through one of our licensed producers.

If you have a site in planning or in the process of being upgraded, contact AFTEC to determine how StoneTree® Walls can provide the security and protection to your project.


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