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Decisions, Decisions… Which Industrial Fence Material is best?

Industrial Fence

Many kinds of materials are available for companies to use in industrial fencing applications. Wrought iron, vinyl, chain link, and wood are such materials that are commonplace at the properties of big box retailers, utility plants, and other large facilities. Most of these types of fences are adequate enough to do the job, but they often have considerable drawbacks in wear, tear, and security. How does concrete measure up to these other kinds of fences? Find out more below to discover the answer.

Concrete – An Ideal Material for Industrial Fences

Why are concrete fences the best option for your industrial fences?

There’s a good reason why concrete materials have long been a time-tested choice for builders. The methods of its use and formulas have made gradual changes since its inception in ancient Rome, but concrete’s core properties in sturdiness and flexibility still apply today with applications that include fences.

The benefits of concrete fence panels are many and include the following features:

  • It’s impervious to the outdoor elements. Unlike other kinds of fences, a concrete fence won’t fade, rot or rust away. It’s extremely durable and can last for many years with little required maintenance.
  • It’s virtually indestructible.Unlike wood fences, a concrete industrial fence isn’t susceptible to insect bites and infestations. And unlike a vinyl fence, a concrete fence won’t crack and become brittle from prolonged sun exposure.
  • Concrete fences are excellent sound barriers.The smooth sturdy surface and density of concrete provides the ideal surface for cutting down noise pollution. They are also very secure and effectively protect company assets and employees at the facility by keeping them private and hidden from view.

Our Concrete Walls can be completely customized.

Concrete fences are not only sound in structure, they can carry attractive decorative appeal, too. Many customizable designs are available at AFTEC that allow concrete fences to resemble the look of stone, brick, stucco and more. Brand identity logos can also be incorporated into the concrete fencing’s design upon request.

The AFTEC Industrial fence Concrete Advantage

Industry leader for precast concrete fence manufacturing.

Stonetree®, AFTEC’s signature product, is a concrete fencing system that’s the first of its kind in the industry. The unique patent pending technology in Stonetree® fences molds the columns and wall panels together and reduces labor cost by 50% during installation. Unlike other industrial concrete fences, Stonetree® boasts highly defined textured finishes on both sides for optimum beauty. A proprietary Rigid Footing Support System ensures installation of each wall section in ten minutes or less, and allows simple panel removal with equipment when needed. They can also be easily conjoined with security safety elements such as wrought iron spikes, security cameras, and security fence gates. Plus, our Stonetree® Sound Wall Barriers cut down noise pollution by up to 34 decibles at 100hz.

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